Some Facilities Offered by Le Reve Hotel

Some Facilities Offered by Le Reve Hotel

Some Facilities Offered by Le Reve Hotel Hotels will be places that you are looking for when you are travelling. You need to have nice place to stay so you can have time to relax and rest comfortably. There can be many hotels whenever you go. When you are going to Santiago, you can find some great hotels. In case you are looking for luxurious and comfortable hotels, you can have Le Reve Hotel. This is nice hotel and even it has become one of the best hotels to find in Santiago. Tourists love the hotels because of its comfort, luxuries, and also its facilities. The hotel provides designs and decoration in French style. As for its location, you will not find it hard.

In term of location, Le Reve Hotel is located in the strategic area of Santiago. You will not have any difficulties to arrive in the hotel. You can find the hotel in the area of Providencia district in Santiago. This is one of the quiet districts that will be comfortable when you want to find nice place without any disturbing noises. Providencia district is known for the business properties all around the streets.

Then, you can find many great restaurants. Thus, you will not have problems when you want to find good place to have some meals in case you do not want to enjoy the foods served by the hotel. Its location is not too far from Santiago’s metro system so you will have no problem in transportation although you can also order the hotel to pick you up from airport. When you are looking for shopping mall, there is one 800 meters away from the Le Reve Hotel. That is why it is strategic hotel in term of location.

As for the room, there are total of 31 rooms in the Le Reve Hotel you do not need to worry about the comfort and choices of rooms. When you want to experience real luxury in the hotel, there are two executive suites that you can choose. As for the room types, you can have deluxe twin. This is room with twin bed. You already get the basic facilities such as WIFI, LCD cable TV, air conditioning, and also a working desk when you still want to do your works as you stay in the hotel. Next room is deluxe king. This is larger than the deluxe twin. It has single king bed. As for the facilities, generally it is similar to the ones offered in the deluxe twin. The difference is mostly in term of its larger space and the king bed. When you want to have better experiences, you can choose the deluxe king with balcony. In term of size, it is similar to the regular deluxe king. Facilities are also similar in general. The only and main difference is the balcony. You can have private balcony that will have nice spot for you to enjoy the outdoor view of the hotel. You can see the area around Santiago from the balcony. It has come with chairs and table for you to relax together with your partner or friend who stays together with you in the room.

As for the layout, you will find reception and lobby on the ground floor. You will find these two sections directly without looking for them in other floors. In the same floor, there is also lounge that also serves as breakfast area. Regarding the breakfast area, there is actually outdoor spot but you can move to lounge when the weather does not allow you to enjoy the breakfast with outdoor vibe. The Le Reve Hotel has a nice enclosed garden and it is one of the best spot to find in the hotel. When you are bored in your room and you want to breathe fresh air without leaving the hotel, you can go the garden. This is also location where you can have your breakfast.

As for facilities, you can find some nice ones in the hotel. The garden is one of them. You can find honesty bar. This is good bar and as its name shows, it is a self-service bar so you can really show your honesty as you find some drinks in the bar. You can have variations of drink and you may drink them in area of bar. In case you want to bring them to your room, it is also possible. One thing to note is that it is the self-service bar so you will have your freedom to get your drink and bring it to your room. Thus, you may not be able to order and have the people of the Le Reve Hotel bring you the cocktails or other drinks. In addition to the honesty bar, you can find midnight snack. This is quite unique spot and it is great for you who often get hungry in the middle of night and need to get some snacks. You can have some variations of snacks together with juices and coffees. This is in a form of kitchen that will be available until the midnight. However, you need to note that you are not going to get dinner and it is big problem because you only need to go outside of the hotel and many restaurants are available there.