Celebrate Halloween in Playa del Carmen

Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and Festival of Xcaret at our Playa del Carmen Hotel!

Visit Mexico at the beginning of November and you might think we’re stuck in Halloween mode. But the decorated skulls, dancing skeletons, and shrines of tribute have nothing to do with the North American and European holiday. They are décor that help us celebrate a very significant holiday in Mexico – the Day of the Dead Alive. And when you visit us on November 1 or 2, it’s a holiday that you’ll undoubtedly feel blessed to be a part of. We just want you to enjoy it with us here at Playa del Carmen Hotel Le Reve. 

The Day of the Dead Alive is a celebration of those that have passed and left us far too early, no matter their age. November 1 is a time to remember the children that have left this world, while November 2 is a remembrance of the adults that are no longer with us on Earth. It’s not uncommon for family members to create small shrines to these individuals, with pictures and lanterns and even dressed up skeletons and skulls. Sound morbid and frightening? It might at first. But this is not a mockery of death. It’s a celebration of the lives of these individuals, and a way to show that death is nothing to be feared. 

One of the biggest joys of traveling is to find out about the cultures of other people, and this is a big one in Mexico. Here in Playa del Carmen, we embrace this holiday and use it as a way to introduce visitors to our traditions and holidays. So come experience a new way to look at the inevitable and maybe share your own story of a loved one while you’re here. And if you want to take in a bit of luxury while you’re here, book your stay with us. We’re located right in Riviera Maya and will ensure that you have the vacation, and the experience, of a lifetime!

When you come to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos en Playa Del Carmen and Festival of Xcaret, book your stay at Le Reve Hotel & Spa. They understand the sacredness of this traditional festival for those in the region, and they can help you understand it better, too. You’ll stay in grand luxury, and be surrounded by helpful staff that will help you enjoy your stay, and this revered holiday.