Wedding: Trash The Dress in Mexico

What will you do with your wedding gown once your big day is over?

While the spontaneous answer from most brides may be to store their precious wedding gowns, an increasing number are taking a radical stance. Newlyweds are wearing their wedding dress one last time for a dramatic photo shoot, a new tradition known as “trashing the dress”.

The “Trash the Dress” photo shoot is one of the latest trends in wedding photography styles in which brides decides to ruin their dress by getting it wet, dirty or torn in a contrasting environment. This unique experience is a symbolic declaration that the wedding is over and an alternative to storing the dress, never to be seen again.

The idea of destroying a wedding dress originated in Hollywood in 1998 when Meg Cummings of the TV show Sunset Beach ran into the ocean in her gown after her wedding was badly interrupted. In 2001, Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper pioneered a creative artistic movement in the world of wedding photography by asking newlyweds to pose in unusual settings.

The concept is to unwind and let your creativity flow as you enjoy wearing your dress one last time in a fresh and liberating way. You can take a creative approach to your photo session by walking through tropical rainforests, dipping into a pool or heading into magical cenotes and fantastic underground caves distinctive of the Riviera Maya.

Brides who have embraced the trend state that the “Trash the Dress” experience and photo shoot bestows their gowns with new life, instead of simply sitting in the closet.

Any Playa del Carmen hotel is a great location to trash a dress. So trash the dress, brides! It will be one of the few times you will truly enjoy getting dirty.