There Is No Wedding Like a Le Reve Hotel & Spa Wedding!

Truthfully, there are plenty of places in Mexico that will be able to host your Playa del Carmen wedding. But you don’t want just any place; you want the perfect place for your perfect big day. That’s why we here at Le Reve Hotel & Spa bring you all the romance and all the luxury you’re looking for. And you’ll only get it at the Le Reve, the best Playa del Carmen hotel.

Le Reve Hotel is just 45 minutes away from Cancun, and 10 minutes away from the other Playa del Carmen weddings that simply can’t compare with what we put on here at Le Reve. Into each wedding we host, we put our hearts and love into it. Because you’ve spent months, and often even years, putting yours into your relationship; we know a few days aren’t too much to ask from us. That’s why we have only the best gourmet chefs on hand at all times that will go over every aspect of your menu with you, and ensure that your wedding food will be as blissful as the marriage itself. We work with only the finest florists in all of Mexico to ensure that every corner is as beautiful as the love you share for each other. And, we’ll even add our own little touches, such as bride and groom nameplates, Mariachi bands, and customized guest books. 

Any hotel in the country can provide you with stunning views and sandy beaches, but you need more than that for your wedding. You need a day that’s perfectly you, and we at Le Reve Hotel can provide it for you. Call our friendly staff today and see how we can be a match made in heaven.