Sacred Mayan Journey

Sacred Mayan Journey

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The Sacred Mayan Journey is a ritual in which the Maya braved the ocean on their canoes and crossed to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel, is yearly event, this is the 8th year we are going to celebrate, will take place on May 22-24 2014 and this event lasts three days in Playa del Carmen.  Did you imagine? Crossing the sea with oars in canoes!

This is a recreation of the old ritual pilgrimage by the people living in the Yucatan Peninsula to "Pole" with intent to embark "Cuzamil" to worship the goddess Ixchel and consult his oracle.
“Pole” is now Xcaret Park located only 15 minutes from Le Reve Hotel and Spa, stay with us and back in time and discover the Caribbean Sea of ancient Mexico.

Maybe you are wondering, Who is the goddess Ixchel? 

Ixchel is the ancient Maya goddess of fertility & healing. Ix means goddess of the feminine. Chel means rainbow or light. In other words, she is the: Lady of the Rainbow, Goddess of the Rainbow and Lady of Sacred Light. 
She is in charge of medicinal plants, healing and the moon phases. When she is in a good mood she blesses the earth with rain and when she is in a bad mood she sends floods and hurricanes. 

The ceremonies and rituals are performed to make the following requests to the goddess Ixchel:
  • Soil fertility: Fruits and bountiful harvests, fishing bonanza and lush landscapes.
  • Good weather: Weather indulgent, favorable winds, rain and temperatures suitable enough to live.
  • Health: Body, mind and spirit in harmony.
  • Continuity of life: Stay harmonic of species according to the natural order of the planet.

Activities day by day

Day 1 MAY 22 
We will travel intimeto the Kii´wik, the market at Polé, where the merchants from the region exchange their products with the visitors who have brought cacao as a coin to trade. The villagers and the oarsmen prepare for the Journey, the activity and rejoicing spread through the Village; the goddess and the oarsmen dance to the beat of the drums, the bonfires are lit, flags are raised, blessings given and turtles freed. The path is thus open so the oarsmen can set sail tomorrow.

Day 2 MAY 23
with the first rays of the sun there is a farewell and a blessing for the oarsmen who will depart toward Kuzamil to the sanctuary of the goddess Ixchebelyax in the Island of the Swallows. That same night, Chankanaab will rejoice in the oracle of the goddess. Amidst dances, celebrations and rituals, Ixchebelyax will remind us to keep the fire alive in our hearts and to remember that the moon, the sun, the sea and jungle are all within our reach; “Everything is there…it is yours, Its is of and for your people”.

Day 3 May 24
After a night of celebration and a moment of rest, the oarsmen are ready to cross the ocean to Polé, aided by the divine inspiration of the guardians of the cardinal points and the fire in their hearts. The villagers get together to bid them farewell. Later, the oarsmen arrive to Polé village and are welcomed by the women, children and the main chief. They have brought with them the words of Mother Ixchel and the sacred fire that now burns at Xamanha , Polé and Kuzamil; the three stones of the bonfire.

If you want to be part of the amazing event don´t forget to visit The village of Xamanhá (current day Playa del Carmen), that in Maya means "water from the North", And Stay at Le Reve Hotel and Spa.

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