Riviera Maya Film Festival 2014 , an International event highly recommended by Le Reve Hotel Playa del Carmen


Riviera Maya has a lot to offer: amazing turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, warm weather, stunning views, and extremely nice people. It is for all of these reasons that Riviera Maya has grown very fast in the past decade and it has become one of the top vacation spots in México. Its newfound popularity has brought important events and festivals to the area. On our last post we wrote about the BPM festival, which has become one of the most prestigious and popular of its kind.  Now it is Riviera Maya´s Festival turn.

This festival was created only 2 years ago. But due to its growing popularity and success the past two editions, we are celebrating the 3rd edition this year.
Riviera Maya Film Festival was created as an opportunity to promote Mexican Films to an international and national audience and also help with economic incentives to new cinematographers on their way to create their films.
This festival takes place at Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun and Puerto Morelos. The movie screenings will be held on 4 different grounds (movie theaters, beach, public squares and in drive-in cinemas). That is what makes Riviera Maya´s Film festival so unique and special.
You can watch the films in a movie theater in a conventional and traditional way and immerge yourself totally in the film.
At the beach, which is Riviera Maya´s most popular attraction! Imagine yourself at the beach, with a warm breeze, waves crashing sounds and a great film!
As one of the main priorities of the festival is to include the local community into the cinematograph world, screenings will also take place at public squares in Tulum and in Cancun. It is at public squares where people come together for gatherings, celebrations and all kinds of social interaction; that is what makes this venue so important for Riviera Maya´s community.
At last… the Drive-in cinemas, a popular yet classic way to enjoy a movie. Last year this type of screening was a great success in Cancun.

So if you are a movie lover and want to enjoy a great selection of films at some incredible and spectacular venues, plan a getaway at our Playa del Carmen Hotel and experience a great relaxing, romantic and spectacular stay with us! Who knows, you may be able to see a movie star walking at Playa de Carmen´s 5th Ave or meet the love of your life… or just party with some of your best friends! Everything can happen while you stay at Playa Del Carmen Hotel Le Reve !