Our latest promotion: Summer Prophecy

  Summer is the warmest of the seasons. At the summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice.

The date of the beginning of summer varies according to climate, culture, and tradition. In México, summer is often the period from the summer solstice (usually June 20 or 21 in the Northern Hemisphere) to the autumn equinox. That means, summer has almost officially started!

People take advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors during the summer, this means, many people plan their holidays in this time of the year, being the favorite spot… the BEACH!
Why is the beach, almost for everyone, the first option for summer vacation? The warm weather makes us picture ourselves by the poolside or lying in the beach, drinking a delicious cocktail while a gentle breeze refreshes the hot summer air.  Sounds familiar? Playa del Carmen is the perfect place!
At Le Reve Hotel and Spa (Playa del Carmen Hotel) we know everyone expect the best weather for their holiday, and since this is something only mother nature  decide, with our new promotion: Summer Prophecy, the weather is always on your side.
On the booking day you receive two great benefits:
1.    When you book, your reservation discount will be equal to the Celsius Degrees. Check  http://www.hotellereve.com/specials-packages/spring-special for detailed information.
2.    A complimentary weather benefit during your stay: if it is sunny, a picnic for two; mostly cloudy, 20% off on yoga lessons; rainy, cooking lessons for two; cloudy, 20% off on spa treatments and T-Storm, wine tasting for two.

We sure know how to spice things up don´t you think? We just love romance and for us, the weather is no excuse to plan something fun and romantic with your loved one. We want your summer to be just as you imagined!
Remember this special offer is just for summer so your trip must be completed by September 30th2013.
Do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself with a romantic holiday this summer, love is something we need to celebrate each day of our lives, because being in love is the best blessing of all!

Come to Le Reve Hotel in Playa del Carmen this summer and discover our Summer Prophecy just for you!