Hurricane Prevention in Quintana Roo


 Quintana Roo is the youngest state in Mexico located on the eastern side of the Yucatan peninsula. It is one of the country's most exotic destinations. As a tourist destination first came Cancun and then the world discovered the pleasures of the Riviera Maya, the strip of coastline south of the city, blessed with beaches, tropical jungles, ancient ruins and spectacular underwater coral reefs.It is paradise, the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea contribute to the climate, which is generally warm and humid. The region is also frequently affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.

Mexican government has given special attention to this issue. Preparedness is one of the major objectives for Quintana Roo. Fortunately, the whole social structure in the State has a strong hurricane preparedness and disaster prevention culture. There is a State Civil Protection System,which works on designing and implementing the best public policies to prevent disasters caused by natural phenomena, namely hurricanes. These policies have prevented the loss of human lives, which has earned Quintana Roo Mexico several awards, including one from United Nations (UN) after hurricane "Wilma".

Most of the staff in Playa del Carmen hotels has a prevention culture, and each hotel takes trains his staff in conjunction with the authorities. So, when traveling to Le Reve Hotel & Spa (Playa del Carmen Hotel)during Hurricane season, don´t worry! Quintana Roo has one of the best prevention policies for hurricanes and other natural disasters!

Also, don´t forget that a little rain creates a very romantic mood! Playa Del Carmen is one of the most romantic places on earth with the breathtaking sights, both sunny or rainy! Enjoy paradise whether is hurricane season or not!