Children´s Day in México: Día del Niño

Let´s Celebrate the Children´s Day in México: Día del Niño

As we know Le Reve Hotel & Spa opened its doors to the entire Family, Celebrate with Us Children's Day in Mexico. Remember, children under 12 years old stay free until August 30th!

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Do remember when you were a child…?  How do you celebrate children's day in your Country?
Well, I´m going to tell you how we celebrate Children´s Day in México

Children's Day is celebrated on April 30th. It is also known as "El Día Del Niño".

Universal Children's Day takes place annually on November 20. First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children.

 There are many ways to celebrate Children’s Day in México. All the schools have big parties with clowns, games, board games, mini disco, and piñatas! There is a lot of fun and happiness.

On Children's Day, we have special events with clowns, magicians, music, shows. Amusement parks as well as zoos and children's museums usually offer discounts or special deals for children on this day. Water parks are a popular option for spending the day, taking advantage of April's warm weather.

 A common culture followed in Mexico on Children’s Day is the singing of a song while enjoying a chocolate drink at breakfast. The chocolate drink is stirred with a molinillo (Mexican turned wood whisk, Its use is principally for the preparation of hot beverages) by rolling it between the palms of the hands. The kids sing the song while stirring the drink. 

it is a festivity that is quite unique, full of laughter and play. If you want celebrate the children´s Day with your kids here is some ideas how to celebrate this special day.

1. - Make them a Special Meal

2. - Attend a free Children´s Day event

3. - Make a little party with Piñatas

 4. - Share a Fun activity from your childhood

5. - Watch old Family Movies

 So, if you’re at Le Reve Hotel and Spa, Playa del Carmen on April 30, give a special “hello” to any children you see that day. It is time to Pamper your kids at Le Reve Hotel & Spa and visit our new Kids Club zone.