A Dream come true: Your wedding at Le Reve Hotel & Spa

I bet you know someone who claims her wedding day was the happiest day of her life. (we use the word her, because women tend to be more sensible to this topic, but it applies to both bride and groom). 

It sure it is one of the most romantic days you´ll ever experience. Starting a new life, hand by hand with your loved one, is surely one day you have to celebrate just the way you always dreamed of.

The perfect scenery for a wedding is at the beach, the warm breeze, the soft sand beneath your feet, and the sea as the perfect background. As you know, Riviera Maya is known to have the best beaches in México and in the whole world.  At Le Reve (one of the best Playa del Carmen Hotel) you can make your dream come true. We know how to please the bride and groom, we listen and work side by side with the couple in order to fulfill every little detail. As we say, the sky is the limit!

We are experts in creating the most romantic, original, and beautiful weddings in Playa del Carmen. The rainy season is ending and the wedding season is about to start, with a perfect temperate climate and amazing sunsets this time of the year is perfect for some cool and unique Playa Del Carmen Weddings.
Do not hesitate to contact our wedding coordinator. She can help you out, planning a perfect wedding according to your taste and budget.

For unforgettable Playa del Carmen Weddings, contact us we have many packages and plans according to your needs!